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Promofuse Solutions was founded in 2010 by Brady Miller as Sketchhog Designs with a heavy focus on graphic design. In 2011, we changed names to reflect the vast amount of products and services we began to offer. Our business is all about promoting you, your business, or organization and combining all of your advertising needs under one roof (hence the "fuse" part of the name). Despite the name change, we still focus heavily on the graphics aspect of everything we do. We NEVER send out a subpar design and always make sure you are proud to display any printed product that we designed.

The key factors we always try to implement:

a positive, friendly attitude

You literally pay for the food on our tables and a roof to sleep under. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be treated with constant respect and made to feel as if your business is the most important project we have going.

quality work

Let’s face it, if you could do it yourself, you would, and save the time and money, but you came to us for something you couldn’t do and we plan to meet or exceed those expectations. You can always expect fast service, punctual arrival to on-site jobs, “wow”ing designs, and everything else you regard as quality work.

low prices

You no longer have to deal with sloppy workmanship or poor products just cause you can’t pay as much as the “other guys”. While most of our prices are already set at rock-bottom, we’re always willing to work with what you can afford. We are very flexible and understanding of those with set budgets. Feel free to discuss your cost concerns with us and we’ll always be willing to look into what we can do to save you some money.

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